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Gillie Cavan Color & Design

Custom, well-curated designs and color palettes for everyday people and homes of all ages

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On a Mission


Color Mission

My commitment is to deliver top-notch color advice, comprehensive color education, and valuable paint information tailored to your needs. The connection between your mind and the colors that surround you is not only fascinating, but is also well studied.

From soothing neutrals and crisp whites to rich, moody colors, building a color story can be a delightful journey. However, one tricky undertone can turn the process into a headache.

That's where I come in! My mission is to provide you with the expertise and guidance to create a space that reflects you and your personality.


Design Mission

My primary focus is delivering excellent design services that suit your unique needs, whether you have a small project, a full renovation, or anything in between. Regardless of your project's size, my mission is to provide accessible design solutions in a friendly and approachable manner, all aimed at refining your vision and creating a functional space that genuinely embodies the essence of 'home' for you.

Your style could be understated traditional, modern, contemporary, or 'don't-know-what-to-call-it-but-you-know-you-like-it' – I've got you covered. Great designers create spaces that speak to their clients and that's precisely what I am here to do for you!

Whether you are a color client, design client, or both, your needs will always my priority. Listening is crucial in client relationships, so you can feel confident that you will be heard throughout the entire process.

Hi! A little about me...Looking back, a career in design just makes sense. As a kid, I enjoyed rearranging my room, roaming around antique stores and anytime my Mom changed something in the house or made a window treatment, the process fascinated me. All of this plus my love for miniatures and dollhouses, meant it only felt natural to end up studying Interior Design at Art Institute of Washington where I proudly received Dean's List honors. Some of my favorite classes were Drafting, Interior Materials, Design Process, Color Theory and Textiles. Yes - A whole class on fabric!


After design school, I worked in several aspects of design including Arhaus Furniture, residential home builders, and most recently Sherwin Williams Paint Company. In my 6-year career at Sherwin Williams, I completed over 5,000 In-Home and Remote Color Consultations. Inspiring people to use color in creative ways is both rewarding and fun. 

 In 2022, I was awarded a Historic Preservation Award from the Historical Society of Ithaca, New York. In 2021, I participated in a Webinar for the Historic Preservation Society in West Orange, New Jersey where we discussed era-appropriate exterior color palettes. While historic homes are my passion, I enjoy working on projects within the entirety of the design spectrum. Bring on the modern and contemporary, I love it all! 

I reside in Baltimore, Maryland with my husband Cliff and our Instagram celebrity cats, Boomer and Floyd. I enjoy gardening, being outside, touring historic houses and renovating our 1923 Bungalow. 

Life is short. We should love the spaces in which we live!


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